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 Imam Mohammad R. Mardini


The American Muslim Center, under the leadership of the Religious Director, Imam Mohammad R. Mardini, gives Muslims an opportunity to benefit from a University style sermon with a broad mix of religious practices, science, ethics, current events and tradition all with a common sense approach. 
Its leader is the dynamic, yet soft-spoken Imam Mohammad Mardini, who featured on different documentaries and who firm commitment to peace and understanding has made his a religious figure respected by all denominations. His congregation is made up of Muslim families, many of them second, third and fourth generation Americans.

Imam Mardini has been in the United States since 1980, and is one of 49 men in Michigan who hold a similar position of leadership in the faith of Islam. His gentle sermonizing, whether on subjects of personal or religious importance, equates to his most sincere and basic message: “We must all work together with open hearts and understanding. Dearborn especially is a melting pot of faiths, we need to share everything.”

His lesson of communion is paralleled by his fierce resistance to the actions of those who commit violent acts in the name of Allah and misuse the Qur'an, and he is outspoken in condemning the acts, if not the individuals.


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